Real Estates-Property (Lots) in the Czech Republic (Vyškov)

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Vyškov description

Vyškov The district town of Vyskov with 23 000 inhabitans is a cultural, social and industrial centre of the region. It is situated in South Moravia, about 30 km northeast from Brno, at the boundaries between the Drahanska Highlands and the Hana Lowlands. This little German language island was located about 30 km to the East of Brün/Brno, the capital of Moravia, at the edge of the very fertile Hanna plain. The biggest town was Wischau.

Lots in the Czech Republic (Vyškov)

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Lots, for sale -  Slavkov u Brna (Brno region, Vyškov) Lot, for sale - Slavkov u Brna (Brno region, Vyškov)
Offered for sale.This attractive estate is located in Slavkov u Brna.The offer is for living.

for sale:
1 955 250
CZK /m2