Real Estates-Property (Lots) in the Czech Republic (Prostějov)

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Prostějov description

Prostějov is a city in the Olomouc Region of the Czech Republic. Today city is known for its fashion industry and special military forces based here.The town lives not only in its history. In early May, Prostějov welcomes all those who are keen on dancing to Discodrome - The Championship of the Czech Republic and World Championship in Disco Dance Formation and Disco Show Formation and the European Championship in Break Dance. Since 1957, the town has also been organising Wolkrův Prostějov - a national festival of poetry. In September, the town enlivens with three-day Prostějov Haná Festival, the largest Czech festival of children and adult Haná ethnic ensembles, also featuring folk craft fair. The town and its surroundings are ideal for cycling. The region is intertwined with several cycling routes, e.g. the international long-distance cycling Amber Route. Those who love spending their leisure time doing actively or relaxing will enjoy the Kolářovy sady park, right in the centre of the town, a park forest along the Hloučela river, a multipurpose sports hall, number of tennis courts, a bowling and squash hall, a bathhouse, climbing wall and other facilities open to the general public.

Lots in the Czech Republic (Prostějov)

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Lots, for sale -  Prostějov (Olomouc region, Prostějov) Lot, for sale - Prostějov (Olomouc region, Prostějov)
This offer is meant for sale.Location of the estate is Prostějov.The offer is for living.

for sale:
750 000
Lots, for sale -  Vitčice (Olomouc region, Prostějov) Lot, for sale - Vitčice (Olomouc region, Prostějov)
This estate is offered for sale.The estate is located in Vitčice.The offer is agricultural.

for sale:
63 980
CZK /m2
Lots, for sale -  Srbce (Olomouc region, Prostějov) Lot, for sale - Srbce (Olomouc region, Prostějov)
Offered for sale.This attractive estate is located in Srbce.It is agricultural.

for sale:
62 860
CZK /m2