Real Estates-Property (Lots) in the Czech Republic (Kroměříž)

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Kroměříž description

Today's Kroměříž has an area of 5,560 hectares. The town itself was built on 1,770 hectares, the remaining area consists of suburbs, the former agricultural villages of Vážany, Kotojedy, Bílany, Těšnovice, Trávník, Miňůvky, Postoupky, Hradisko, Drahlov and Zlámanka. The built-up area of the town itself amounts to 11 % of its total cadastre area. Large portions of green areas, together with the historic as well as modern developments give the town the character of a balanced environment of high practical and aesthetic quality. Almost 30,000 residents live in the town and its suburbs, slightly more women than men. The majority of population (19,500 residents) are aged from 15 to 59 years. The age group of senior citizens (over 60 years) with 5,300 residents outnumbers the youngest generation (to 14 years) with 5,100 persons. The trend of the population growth is almost balanced; in the recent years it has shown a slight decrease. In Kroměříž, there are 4,100 buildings with 11,000 housing units, out of that number 3,700 housing units are in single-family homes.

Lots in the Czech Republic (Kroměříž)

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Lots, for sale -  Kroměříž (Zlín region, Kroměříž) Lot, for sale - Kroměříž (Zlín region, Kroměříž)
This offer is meant for sale.The estate is located in Kroměříž.It is for living.

for sale:
3 213 000
CZK /m2
Lots, for sale -  Záříčí (Zlín region, Kroměříž) Lot, for sale - Záříčí (Zlín region, Kroměříž)
Offered for sale.This attractive estate is located in Záříčí.It is agricultural.

for sale:
60 960
CZK /m2