Real Estates-Property (Lots) in the Czech Republic (Jihlava)

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Jihlava description

Jihlava District (Okres Jihlava in Czech) is district within Vysočina Region (Vysočina) of the Czech Republic. Its capital is city Jihlava.
Jihlava is a city in the Czech Republic. Jihlava is a centre of the Vysočina Region, situated on the Jihlava river on the ancient frontier between Moravia and Bohemia, and is the oldest mining town in the Czech Republic.The ancient town of Jihlava is one of the historic gems of the Czech Republic. It was founded in the period 1237 - 1239 by Wenceslas I, upon the discovery of silver lodes in the local ore. Downtown Jihlava is comprised of well-preserved houses of all period and styles dating as far back as the 14th and 15th centuries. In 1982, the historic heart of Jihlava - consisting of 582 buildings with 214 cultural artifacts of monumental value, thereof 70 monuments of 1st category - was declared a municipal historic preserve. Surrounded by more than 3 km of ancient walls, the historic heart of Jihlava is gradually regaining its original appearance, thanks to gradual restoration of individual structures.

Lots in the Czech Republic (Jihlava)

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Lots, for sale -  Markvartice (Vysočina region, Jihlava) Lot, for sale - Markvartice (Vysočina region, Jihlava)
This offer is meant for sale.The estate is located in Markvartice.The offer is for commercial development.

for sale:
15 900 000
CZK /m2