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Chrudim description

Chrudim District (Okres Chrudim in Czech) is district within Pardubice Region (Pardubický kraj) of the Czech Republic. Its capital is city of Chrudim.Area of Chrudim District is 1,030 km², it has 104 748 inhabitants. The district has mostly flat terrain with slopes of Iron Mountains (Železné hory) appearing on the south. Seč dam (Sečská přehrada) is the largest water surface in region (2.2 km²), Chrudimka is the longest river in region (104 km). Industrial centres are Chrudim (mechanical engineering, textile, food industry), Hlinsko (electrotechnical, textile) and Skuteč (textile). Climatic conditions and terrain make the area convenient for agriculture.
Chrudim is a city in eastern Bohemia, in the Pardubice region of the Czech Republic.From a geomorphological aspect the town is situated in the Chrudim basin, which is a part of the Česká křídová tabule (Bohemian Cretaceous Table). Southwest (10 km) rise the mountains of Železné hory, belonging in the category of highlands, with the highest mountain (Vestec) 668 above sea level. The Chrudimka river, which flows from the Ždárské vrchy protected landscape area (20 km S/SE) and empties into the Elbe in Pardubice, flows through the town. The total lenght of the river is 108 km. Several hydraulic structures have been built on the river. The largest is the valley dam reservoir near the locality of Seč, which is widely used for recreation and water sports (18 km).

Lots in the Czech Republic (Chrudim)

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Lots, for sale -  Chrast (Pardubice region, Chrudim) Lot, for sale - Chrast (Pardubice region, Chrudim)
This estate is offered for sale.The estate is located in Chrast.

for sale:
739 270
CZK /m2
Lots, for sale -  Běstvina (Pardubice region, Chrudim) Lot, for sale - Běstvina (Pardubice region, Chrudim)
This estate is offered for sale.Location of the estate is Běstvina.It is for commercial development.

for sale:
159 000