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Česká Lípa description

Česká Lípa District (Okres Česká Lípa in Czech) is a district within the Liberec Region (Liberecký kraj) of the Czech Republic. Its capital city is Česká Lípa.
Česká Lípa is a city in Liberec Region of North-Bohemia in the Czech Republic. It has around 39,000 inhabitants.Česká Lípa can be reached easily from the north via Dresden, Bautzen, and the border crossing at Seifhennersdorff (Varnsdorf). It is a district town with a population of about 45,000, out of about 100,000 in the district. This town, not so small, not so big, provides many services including shops, markets, several hotels, restaurants, pensions, etc. The town Česká Lípa is not so far from some other great towns—the (route) distance from some of them is: Prague - 78 km, Liberec (Reichenberg) - 56 km, Usti nad Labem (Aussig) - 58 km. In only 16 km south from Česká Lípa, there lies a great water pond—Machovo jezero (Macha's lake). This is a popular summer resort, providing water sports, including surfing, yachting, etc.

Lots in the Czech Republic (Česká Lípa)

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Lots, for sale -  Nový Oldřichov (Liberec region, Česká Lípa) Lot, for sale - Nový Oldřichov (Liberec region, Česká Lípa)
This estate is offered for sale.The estate is located in Nový Oldřichov.It is for living.

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273 000